Disney’s Hook First Captivated Audiences Over 25 Years Ago – But Here’s What The Cast Look Like Now

The movie Hook was a blisteringly ambitious take on the Peter Pan legend. It had an A-list cast which included the late Robin Williams as Pan, Dame Maggie Smith as Wendy, Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell and Dustin Hoffman as the titular Hook. But it also included lots of child actors as the Lost Boys and other important young characters. It’s been over 25 years since the film came out, so what became of all those who made it great?

20. Gwyneth Paltrow (Young Wendy)

Before Gwyneth Paltrow became a famous actress/lifestyle guru, she was just starting out in the industry as an 18-year-old. In fact, the role of young Wendy Darling was only the second part she’d ever had in a movie. Paltrow did have one big advantage on her side when it came to fame, though. And that’s because Steven Spielberg, Hook’s director, is her godfather.

19. Bryan and Brett Willis (Sooner and Later)

Real-life twins Brett and Bryan Willis played Lost Boy twins, the neatly named Sooner, and his brother, Later. Hook was the only acting the boys ever did, though, as they both ditched the film industry after that and went on to be firefighters in Los Angeles! But they did show up for the 2016 Lost Boy reunion and recreated a scene from the film.


18. Ryan Francis (Young Peter Pan)

The boy who never grew up… did in fact grow up. Ryan Francis played young Peter, and he stayed in the acting industry as he got older. His career highlights include playing Trevor in the NBC drama Sisters from 1991 to 1996, as well as appearing in ‘90s fantasy classics Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Buffy. Now, he’s turned to directing with horror film Unto Us All.

17. Raushan Hammond (Thud Butt)

The adorable little Thud Butt, who becomes leader of the Lost Boys at the end of the movie, was played by Raushan Hammond. Nowadays, Hammond is an actor, a director, a writer… and a magician! And there are also rumors that the multi-talented ex-Lost Boy may even write a Hook sequel one day. He would reprise his role as Thud Butt and let audiences know what became of him. Here’s hoping it goes ahead…


16. Thomas Tulak (Too Small)

Thomas Tulak played Too Small, the youngest Lost Boy. At the time he really was too small, in fact, to really get the inner workings of a Hollywood movie. “I had no idea the gravity of what was going on,” he told Entertainment Tonight in 2016. “I was just playing around, you know.” These days, he’s a highly successful indie director with a YouTube channel, and ambitions to direct a feature film one day.


15. Isaiah Robinson (Pockets)

Cute little Pockets, played by Isaiah Robinson, is probably best remembered for the scene where he finally recognizes Peter as the real Peter Pan. “Oh, there you are, Peter,” Pockets exclaims. And it seems that working with Robin Williams had a big effect on the young actor, who is now a musician, composer and music teacher. “A lot of the things we became, all these years later, are because of him,” he told Entertainment Tonight. in 2016.


14. James Madio (Don’t Ask)

James Madio had his first ever acting job on Hook where he played the amusingly named Don’t Ask. Clearly, Hook managed to reel him in to the acting world, as he continues to to perform this day. He’s been in shows such as Blossom, Band of Brothers (also a Spielberg project), Castle, Bones and plenty more. He’s also married with children now!


13. Bo Georghe (Noseminer)

Bo Georghe was cast in Hook due to the fact he was good at gymnastics, and he carried on doing that long after the movie was finished. He won a state title on his home turf of California, in fact! Once Georghe retired from gym he earned a degree in Visual Communications and opened a design company in California. But he must have remembered his time on Hook fondly, because he appeared at the 2016 reunion.


12. Dante Basco (Rufio)

Dante Basco’s face will probably forever be associated with the character of Rufio. But his voice is another matter! Basco went on to become a voice actor and starred in the classic animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender, as well as the follow-up, The Legend of Korra. Despite that, he definitely doesn’t mind being known as Rufio. In 2017 he even produced and appeared in a short film about the Lost Boy’s origins.


11. Amber Scott (Maggie)


Amber Scott was seven when she played little Maggie, the daughter of Peter Pan. After that, she seemed to disappear entirely, appearing in nothing other than an episode of American Experience. (And even then, it was only her voice.) Scott attended Trinity College in Connecticut, and graduated in 2006. Whether she’ll return to acting or not remains a mystery, but a headshot of her as an adult does exist on IMDB…

10. Charlie Korsmo (Jack)

Charlie Korsmo was a pretty successful child actor back in the day. He played Siggie in What About Bob?, The Kid in Dick Tracy, and of course Jack, son of Peter Pan, in Hook. But as he grew older he quit acting. Now he’s an even more successful lawyer, albeit one who’s still happy to answer questions about Hook and his childhood work.


9. Phil Collins (Inspector Good)


Wait, thePhil Collins was in Hook?! He was indeed. In fact, he played Inspector Good, the policeman who shows up to investigate the disappearance of the Banning kids. He’s not instantly recognizable, but it’s definitely him. Collins has actually done quite a bit of acting over the years, including playing the title role in 1988’s Buster. And he once attempted to produce a film in which he would have starred alongside fellow Hook actor Bob Hoskins. These days, though, the 67-year-old rocker tends to stick to music.

8. Glenn Close (Gutless)

Hook was chock-full of exciting blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameos. In fact, alongside rock star Phil Collins was none other than Oscar-nominated actress Glenn Close. In the movie she plays an unlucky male pirate called Gutless. Yes, really! Her performance was uncredited, meaning most people probably wouldn’t have had the slightest idea it was her. Later, in 2011, she would be nominated for yet another Oscar for Albert Nobbs, a film about a woman disguised as a man.


7. Caroline Goodall (Moira)


Before Hook, Caroline Goodall was a theater and TV actress who had no interest in going into film. Then, Steven Spielberg suddenly called her up and asked her if she wanted to play Moira, Peter’s wife, in Hook. She said yes, and hasn’t looked back since. The actress then worked with Spielberg again on Schindler’s List shortly afterwards. More recently, she has appeared in The Princess Diaries, The Dressmaker and the hit Netflix show The Crown.

6. Arthur Malet (Toodles)

Veteran actor Arthur Malet was noted for playing people older than himself, so much so that his real age might have been hard to guess. But he lived to 85 years old before passing away in May 2013. Disney fans might also recognize him from Mary Poppins, where he played Mr Dawes, Jr. Sadly, he did just a few more movies after playing Toodles in Hook, with The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue being the last.


5. Dame Maggie Smith (Wendy)


The all-important role of Wendy Darling was given to Dame Maggie Smith, a two-time Oscar winner and highly acclaimed actress. The character of Wendy was meant to be in her 90s, so Smith wore old-age makeup to play her. (Though she did have her natural face on for a flashback in the film.) Now, Smith is 83 years old herself, but still acting, and younger audiences will probably best know her from her role as Professor McGonagall in Harry Potter.

4. Bob Hoskins (Smee)

Bob Hoskins played a lot of great parts during his life, and Smee in Hook is among them. Although the movie was slammed by critics when it came out, people still agreed that Hoskins put in a typically great performance. Sadly, Hoskins was forced to retire from acting in 2012 when diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, and in 2014 he passed away from pneumonia.


3. Julia Roberts (Tinkerbell)

Rumor still has it that Julia Roberts behaved so badly on the set of Hook that she was nicknamed “Tinkerhell” by the cast and crew. And when the movie debuted to bad reviews (and even a Razzie nomination for Roberts), she shied away from the camera for a while. But films like My Best Friend’s Wedding got the star back to her old level of success. And in fact, she’s still an A-lister to this day.


2. Dustin Hoffman (Hook)

Believe it or not, David Bowie was first considered for the role of Captain Hook. But the deal fell through and the hugely successful actor Dustin Hoffman got it instead. He must have been glad he did, because his performance earned him Best Actor nomination from the Golden Globes. Hoffman, now 81, continues to be successful, despite the sexual harassment allegations being made against him in recent years.

1. Robin Williams (Peter Pan)

Robin Williams brought a childlike joy to the role of Peter, the same innocent glee that he brought to many of his roles. Indeed, he was such a beloved figure that the whole world mourned when he died in 2014. “[Robin] really taught me what it means to be a star, what it means to be a leader on a set,” Basco said to Entertainment Tonight in 2016. “Everything you want Robin Williams to be he delivered in spades.”