40 Stars Snapped With And Without Makeup – And The Photos Prove They’re Still Beautiful Barefaced

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For women in the public eye, makeup is a big deal – even more so if you happen to make your living making glamorous appearances in front of the camera. Nevertheless, an online trend has emerged, featuring famous females appearing on social media without their makeup. For some, it is an empowering move – presenting an honest face to the world and drawing attention to uncontrived looks and genuine personality rather than the superficial. Other famous women have taken it even further, and have appeared at high-profile events with their faces bare. It probably shouldn’t be a big deal, but – in these days of the #MeToo Movement – playing it cool around cosmetics and defying expectations is undoubtedly a hot topic. However, these pictures of celebrities sans slap prove that a no-makeup look can still wow us with a natural beauty where innate talent shines through.

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40. Wonder what Gal Gadot looks like naked?

Does Wonder Woman need makeup? – probably not. In May 2013, long before Gadot won her coveted role for the 2016 film, the now 33-year-old posted a picture on her Facebook feed captioned, “No hair. No makeup. Morning in London.” Gadot seemed more sleepy and disheveled than Wonder Woman tends to look, but you could still see the superhero beneath the surface.

Images: Instagram/adele/Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images

39. Adele – songbird soars without wings

Adele is considered to be one of the most down-to-earth singers in the whole music sphere, so it was not really surprising that she would choose to bare all face-wise on social media. Although Adele adores her winged eyeliner, nevertheless, the 30-year-old songbird went without it for some behind-the-scenes photos of her 2016 world tour.

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38. Olivia Wilde for the natural look

Olivia Wilde has been pretty outspoken about the beauty myth and cosmetics in the celebrity world. “‘People at home watching movies thinking that they’re supposed to look a certain way, in that flawless nature that Hollywood promotes in some films… none of this is real,” the 34-year-old complained to Huffington Post in a live-streaming Q&A in early 2016. But the actress was shown keeping it real with a bare-faced appearance in her film from the year before, Meadowland.

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37. Chrissy Teigen – a model of good selfie behavior


Supermodel Chrissy Teigen has always seemed to be brimming full of self-confidence. And, let’s face it, the 32-year-old has got good reason to feel that way – she looks absolutely flawless even without makeup. But Teigen’s particular brand of body positivity has proven to be so popular that fans on social media once sent the model their own no-makeup selfies after she had complained about the overuse of filters and similar in other people’s self-portraits.

Images: Instagram via E!Online/Jason Merritt/Getty Images

36. Lorde of all she surveys

On stage, New Zealand superstar Lorde faces her public made up like a gothic queen. Off stage, the singer-songwriter seemingly prefers to go bare-faced. The 21-year-old has posted multiple snaps on Instagram of herself wearing no makeup, and even one of her putting on acne cream. Lorde’s fan base responded with a natural outpouring of love for their heroine and her highly relatable spot of bother.

Images:Instagram/drew Barrymore/Instagram/drewbarrymore

35. Drew Barrymore drew fire


Drew Barrymore is big on no-makeup, and drew fire when she posted pictures of her visage baring all to the world. Unfortunately, in early 2018, the 43-year-old splashed a selfie with her slapped in makeup and haters jumped on to Instagram to throw shade on that choice too. As Barrymore can now attest – sometimes you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t…

Images: Instagram/zoesaldana/Jason Merritt/Getty Images

34. Zoe Saldana makes us go green

Actress Zoe Saldana is certainly no stranger to cosmetic changes. After all, she is best known for her product-heavy starring role in Guardians of the Galaxy, and the 40-year-old spends three hours in makeup every time she transforms into her character, Gamora. So it is probably no surprise that some days Saldana would simply rather go without anything on her face at all. Nonetheless, we are still green with envy – she still looks sensational sans the artificial sweeteners.

Images: Instagram/dianekrugerperso/Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

33. Diane Kruger – the eyes have it


Actress Diane Kruger took to Instagram in January 2016, and proudly tagged a picture, “Starting the year with an honest no-makeup selfie.” It was a bold move, as the 42-year-old was a high-end fashion model before turning to acting. But, nevertheless, fans of the Inglourious Basterds star were appreciative, and Kruger’s best features – her eyes – were not remotely dimmed.

Images: Instagram/ciara/Lisa O’Connor/AFP via Getty Images

32. Ciara showered with praise

The singer born Ciara Princess Harris looks gorgeous with or without makeup – and she knows it. Not only does the 32-year-old rock the natural look on Instagram, but she has also taken the brave step of appearing bare-faced on the red carpet. Indeed, Ciara attended the 2017 Makers Conference in California with no cosmetics and wet hair – prompting pundits to speculate that she was fresh out of the shower. However, the “Level Up” star was pregnant at the time, so she almost certainly had more important things on her mind.

Images: Instagram/ladygaga/Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

31. Lady Gaga goes without


Lady Gaga is instantly recognizable for her spectacular costumes and sensationally wild makeup both on stage and off. However, without being caked in cosmetics, the star originally known as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta looks… completely, unnervingly normal. But, for her fans, there is no doubt that Gaga is a bona-fide beauty. “You are gorgeous with and without makeup!” one of her Little Monsters wrote beneath a bare-faced selfie of the 32-year-old posted to Instagram in January 2015.

Images: Instagram/zendaya/Michael Buckner/Getty Images

30. Zendaya – a clear winner

Former Disney child-star Zendaya is a big advocate for body positivity, and therefore the actress and singer is more than happy to strut her stuff makeup-free. Zendaya still looks amazing – of course – and enviably clear-skinned. But it appears that the 21-year-old is eager to share her organic take on skincare with her fan base. She took to Twitter in June 2017 to tip them off about the secret of her perfect complexion. Zendaya recommended, “African black soap, rose water/witch hazel, vitamin E oil and tea tree oil for problem spots.”

Images: Instagram/lavernecox/Greg Doherty/Getty Images

29. Laverne Cox – black is beautiful


Transgender activist and Orange Is the New Black actress Laverne Cox posted a no-makeup selfie in 2015, simply tagged “#TransIsBeautiful.” And the outspoken small-screen star subsequently made it plain that she largely avoids makeup on first dates. Speaking to TV entertainment show Access Hollywood Live in 2017, the 46-year-old admitted, “I don’t glam up. I give maybe a little powder for shine, and I’m like – this is it.”

Images: Twitter/ZooeyDeschanel/Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

28. Zooey Deschanel still positively cute minus cosmetics

The idiosyncratic Zooey Deschanel has an instantly recognizable look, so it was all the more surprising to see her cast aside the cosmetics on Twitter in May 2014. But, although the singer and actress looked far from her perky pixie self in her candid-camera pose, nonetheless, her natural beauty still won the day. “Wow, you look just as cute without makeup,” one fan gushed in response to the 38-year-old’s selfie – and who’s to argue?

Images: Instagram/gwynethpaltrow/Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Baby2Baby

27. Gwyneth Paltrow presents a brave face to the past and the future


A-list actress Gwyneth Paltrow believes in living life naturally, so obviously her skin would enjoy a healthy glow regardless of any makeup she may have on. In fact, the star proved as much with a bare-faced Instagram selfie on the occasion of her birthday in September 2016. Paltrow captioned the shot, “#nomakeup for my 44th birthday, embracing my past and future.”

Images: Instagram/hereisgina/Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

26. Gina Rodriguez and her bare-faced cheek

Freckles are a beautiful feature, so it was lovely to see actress, author, model, director and producer Gina Rodriguez show hers off in a revealing Instagram selfie. “No makeup, no filter, no worries,” she captioned the self-portrait in June 2015. However, it was actually a brave move for the 33-year-old Latino star, as Rodriguez suffers from a long-term thyroid condition and attendant anxiety problems.

Images: Instagram/simonebiles/Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images

25. Simone Biles still gold under eyeliner


It may not actually score you any points in the world of gymnastics but, nevertheless, image still counts. Which is perhaps why gymnast Simone Biles got so glammed up for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. The 21-year-old scooped four gold medals and one bronze while sporting a stylish, glittering eyeliner. But it turns out that Biles looks just as brilliant without the eye makeup, and the serious money would probably say that she would be just as brilliant on the gymnastics floor too.

Images: Instagram/bellathorne/Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

24. Bella Thorne faces up to blemishes

Up-and-coming actress Bella Thorne made a brave move in June 2017 when she put up an Instagram picture to specifically show off her bad complexion. “Acne is on fleek,” the then 19-year-old captioned the offending post. But Thorne’s aim was nonetheless altruistic, and promoting the spotty image had the honest intention of making other teens feel better about their blemishes. “I hope I help somebody out there because I’m spreading the word,” she told People magazine later that same year.

Images: Instagram/cindycrawford/Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

23. Cindy Crawford still has skin in the game


To this day, Cindy Crawford is considered to be the supermodel. The sometime actress has reached the grand old age of 52, but, regardless of the passing of the years, Crawford still looks stunning. And, refreshingly, it appears that she remains perfectly happy to pose for her public without recourse to makeup. In a selfie posted on Instagram in January 2017, the supermodel’s skin looked like it had barely aged at all. Reportedly, Crawford’s nightly regime is to splash her visage with water to keep it looking cool.

Images: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images/Jason Merritt/Getty Images

22. Alicia Keys unlocks her natural beauty

Seemingly, Alicia Keys has taken the no-makeup movement a step further than any other female celebrity. Ever since May 2016, the 37-year-old has pretty much stopped wearing cosmetics altogether. Later that year, Keys explained her thinking in an online article for the Lenny Letter website hosted by comedienne Lena Durham. “Every time I left the house, I would be worried if I didn’t put on makeup – what if someone wanted a picture? What if they POSTED it?” the singer-songwriter wrote. “[It was] based too much on what other people thought of me.”

Images: Instagram/tyrabanks/Instagram/tyrabanks

21. Tyra Banks keeps it really real


Tyra Banks is arguably the queen of the no-makeup selfie. In June 2015, the TV personality and actress posted her first raw image to Instagram, telling her followers that she had “decided to give you a taste of the really real me.” And it seemed that her online fans actually had a large appetite for Bank’s candid imagery. Ever since, the 44-year-old has been super busy serving up social media shots of her naked face, including one simply captioned, “Me.”

Images: Instagram/helenmirren/Mike Marsland/WireImage/Getty Images

20. Helen Mirren stuns at 70

British actress Dame Helen Mirren is in her 70s, but she’s still an absolutely stunning woman. And she’s happy to exchange no-makeup selfies for charitable selfies, as she did in March 2020. She asked for donations to the Intensive Care Society in return for “this pic of me literally first thing in the morning.”

Image: Instagram/vanessawilliamsofficial/Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Capital Concerts, Inc

19. Vanessa Williams ages gracefully


When former Miss America Vanessa Williams turned 57, she celebrated by posting a photograph of herself with no makeup. She captioned the picture, “Good Morning 57! Another year on this wondrous planet that continually surprises and challenges me to grow in love and adventure.” She looked fantastic and much younger than her age.

Images: Instagram/caradelevingne/ Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

18. Cara Delevingne shows her real self

Supermodel Cara Delevingne has always been surprisingly chill about the world knowing what she really looks like. In March 2020 she posted some pictures of herself and her new foster dogs in which she clearly wasn’t wearing any makeup. And before that in 2015 a meme circulated of no-makeup-Cara vs. makeup-Cara, and she reposted it with the very sensible comment, “Me all the time vs. me very rarely.”

Images: Instagram/brookeshields/John Lamparski/Getty Images

17. Brooke Shields sheds the makeup


Brooke Shields was one of the biggest stars of her era, and everybody knew her face. But as Shields got older she allowed people to see what she looked like without makeup. In 2019 the 53-year-old model posed for People magazine with no products on, and in 2020 she did the same thing again on her Instagram.

Images: Instagram/ddlovato/Noam Galai/Getty Images for Global Citizen

16. Demi Lovato presents the positive

In February 2020 singer Devi Lovato posted a picture of herself with the caption, “This is what I look like 85 percent – 90 percent of the time. Proud of my freckles, proud of booty chin and proud of myself for loving and accepting myself the way I am.” She got a very positive response in the comments.

Image: Instagram/sarahmgellar/Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

15. Sarah Michelle Gellar takes on Tabata


In January 2019 actress Sarah Michelle Gellar posted a selfie and an amusing caption. It read, “This is me, right after my first Tabata class. The joke was on me. I thought my friend said meet for ciabatta. This pic is #nomakeup #nofilter, and probably the last time I will be upright for the rest of the week.”

Images: Instagram/nicolerichie/Amy Sussman/Getty Images

14. Nicole Richie does it naturally

Nicole Richie posted a picture in 2019 of her makeup-less and going through her beauty regime. She captioned it, “Being naturally beautiful takes so much work.” One fan wrote as a comment, “You’re so naturally beautiful, you don’t need to go to the extreme. You’re a beautiful, powerful woman, embrace what you have, flaunt it and the rest will follow!”

Image: Twitter/AnnaLynne McCord/Todd Oren/Getty Images for Vice Media

13. AnnaLynne McCord – skin deep


In 2012 star of 90210 AnnaLynne McCord decided to post a picture of herself with no makeup and visible acne. She wrote, “I woke up this morning and decided I’m over Hollywood’s perfection requirement. To all my girls (and boys) who have ever been embarrassed by their skin! I salute you! I’m not perfect – and that’s okay with me.”

Images: Instagram/kateupton/Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

12. Kate Upton offers no bull

Supermodel Kate Upton encouraged her followers in 2019 to go makeup-less. She posted a natural picture of herself and wrote, “Sometimes you need to take a moment away from the daily grind and reflect… No makeup. No filter. No bulls––t. Take time today to reflect on our strength, and appreciate and inspire one another.”

Images: Instagram/nina/Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for The Fragrance Foundation

11. Nina Dobrev – woof woof!


In March 2020 Degrasssi: The Next Generation and The Vampire Diaries star Nine Dobrev posted a photograph of herself on Instagram with no makeup. People got all heart-eyed over both her and the cute doggie companion accompanying her. One fan wrote, “No makeup and still gorgeous! You too Nina.”

Images: Instagram/dakotafanning/Sean Zanni/Getty Images

10. Dakota Fanning – mistress of makeup

Apparently, Dakota Fanning is talented at makeup as well as acting. In 2020 her sister told Allure magazine, “My sister’s really good at doing her makeup. Whenever she’s doing her makeup, I always try to learn and look.” But the elder Fanning is happy to wear nothing but a bare face at times too.

Image: Instagram/jlo/George Pimentel/WireImage/Getty Images

9. Jennifer Lopez lookin’ good


In 2019 the famously good-looking Jennifer Lopez posted an Instagram selfie of herself without makeup on… and she didn’t actually look all that different to how she usually did. She was 49 years old at the time, but her skin looked like that of a much younger woman, and her fans were awestruck.

Images: Instagram/jessicabiel/Steve Granitz/WireImage,/Getty Images

8. Jessica Biel with zero filter

After Kate Upton posted a picture of herself makeup-less, Jessica Biel decided to do the same. She posted a selfie with the message, “Spreading some self love today with zero filter and zero makeup for my girl @KateUpton… She’s on a mission to encourage everyone to feel strong and love themselves as they are… and I’m so honored to help spread that message.”

Images: Instagram/halleberry/Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

7. Halle Berry eats up praise


In 2020 actress Halle Berry posted a photo of herself without makeup and holding a plate of a chicken ranch meal. The fact that she was eating “unhealthy” meat drew ire from some commenters, and Berry responded, “Every person’s body is different and needs different things. I am extremely healthy and have eaten this way for over 15 years” She looked it.

Images: Instagram/juliannemoore/Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Louis Vuitton

6. Julianne Moore offers more from less

Actress Julianne Moore shared a no-makeup selfie in March 2020, and she looked great. Women’s Health magazine wrote of the 59-year-old, “Her skin looks flawless,” and they endeavored to find out her secret. Turned out Moore washed her face every day, always wore eye cream, and used moisturizers that contained SPF.

Images: Instagram/katyperry/Jason Merritt/Getty Images

5. Katy Perry presents perfectly


Singer Katy Perry shared a snap of herself without makeup in 2020 and fans loved it. One wrote, “How do you have such perfect hair? And your skin is beautiful.” At the time Perry was pregnant – she announced that she and Orlando Bloom were expecting in March 2020 – and that just added to her glow.

Images: Instagram/salmahayek/Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

4. Salma Hayek needs no extras

In December 2015 Salma Hayek posted a pic of herself on Instagram and captioned it, “Wet hair, no makeup, no filter, no retouch, but very good light.” The actress’s fans were dazzled, with one of them writing, “For my money one of the most beautiful women in the world, makeup or no.”

Images: Instagram/busyphilipps/Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

3. Busy Philipps takes it easy


Dawson’s Creek and Cougar Town actress Busy Philipps is generally not very fussy about makeup, it seems. For the Emmy Awards in September 2019, she wore no foundation, just a cream blush, and a minimum amount of everything else. And in March 2020 she posted a picture to Instagram of herself completely bare-faced.

Images: Instagram/juliaroberts/Vera Anderson/WireImage/Getty Images

2. Julia Roberts keeps it clean

Despite her career, Julia Roberts isn’t all that into makeup. In 2013 she told ABC News, “My older children are starting to understand a little bit more clearly what it is that I do for a living. They know it involves makeup, because it’s the only time they see me with makeup on.” And she also posts no-makeup selfies to Instagram.

Images: Instagram/sarahhyland/Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly

1. Sarah Hyland – proof positive


Actress Sarah Hyland is very pro-body positivity, especially since she was born with the condition kidney dysplasia. She often posts photographs of her she doesn’t think are flattering, to promote the idea people should be comfortable in their own skin. Her no-makeup selfie from 2018 is captioned, “Be patient. Be kind. Be free. Don’t stress. Don’t overthink. Don’t worry. Just be.”