20 Pets Who Stole Their Owners’ Significant Others – And Were Totally Shameless About It

Image: reddit/i_love_blts

If your best friend steals your partner, you expect an apology and maybe even a little guilt. But you won’t get that from these 20 homewreckers. They swept in and stole their partners’ significant others without remorse. But it’s hard to be angry when they’re this adorable and furry.

Image: reddit/johnsie07

20. Let sleeping dogs lie

Does that phrase apply to prairie dogs? Because it appears this little sneak is taking the term “love rat” a bit too literally. Redditor johnsie07 caught his pet napping with his girlfriend. Nonetheless, that’s a moment you wouldn’t want to interrupt.

Image: reddit/aconner86

19. Skype hound

This dog doesn’t let distance stop it from stealing its owner’s girlfriend away. Reddit’s aconner86 uploaded this picture of his best friend taking over his skype account to keep in touch with his significant other. The conversation’s a bit one-sided, but he’s such a good boy!

Image: ssdshannonmarie

18. Catty stare

For anyone who wonders where the word “catty” comes from, here’s a good example. Imgur user ssdshannonmarie’s cat has a special stare she pulls out when she steals her owner’s boyfriend. The poster wrote, “He didn’t believe me, so I took a picture.” If looks could kill…

Image: via imgur

17. Out of the picture


Imgur’s sombrabrz featured a picture of a pet resorting to violence to get what it wants. Not content with just a smug glance, this dog’s literally trying to get the girlfriend out of the picture. And its smaller friend finds the whole situation hilarious.

Image: reddit

16. He’s mine

This sight met one woman returning to bed: her best friend cuddled up with her boyfriend. The worst part is, neither of them look the least bit ashamed of the discovery. In fact, the dog looks delighted that the secret is finally out in the open.

Image: reddit/cherry_chapstick

15. A cute moment


A pet’s human favoritism may be a concern in some relationships, but not this one. Judging by the post title, redditor cherry_chapstick appears happy to share her boyfriend with her cat. Especially when they offer adorable photo opportunities like this.

Image: reddit/DeniseGrace

14. Husband’s side chick

Reddit’s DeniseGrace has similar issues with her cat claiming her hubby. “She loves reminding me I’m basically my husband’s side chick,” the user wrote. That’s definitely the face of a cat who knows what she wants and just how to get it.

Image: Instagram/termytwo

13. What’s going on here?


Instagram user termytwo posted a photo of this cheating pooch in the process of stealing her man. She wrote, “I feel like I’m interrupting something here?” Shocking stuff, but the best part is the dog’s face. It looks like it’s saying, “Leave us alone, we’re in the middle of something.”

Image: reddit/vloss

12. Feline facehugger

This impressive cat beard is a daily sight for reddit user vloss. Every morning, she finds her feline flaunting its connection to her boyfriend. He apparently sleeps soundly, oblivious to his furry night-time accessory.

Image: reddit/kfarz

11. Dinner for two


When reddit user kfarz’s girlfriend went abroad, they were left all alone. That’s when the cat decided to make a play for the absent partner’s place. One thing led to another, and this was the result. Let’s hope his girlfriend came back in time to stop things escalating.

Image: fishluvcheerios

10. Another bird

It’s not just cats and dogs that love to muscle in on their owner’s relationships. Sometimes birds are just as opportunistic when they see a chance to steal some personal time. Take this cockatiel for instance, its owner’s wife returned home to find this incriminating scene.

Image: reddit/zenithopus

9. Cheating swine


One reddit user checked in on her husband and found him spending time with someone else. What a pig! “I’m surprised your husband hooked up with someone with so many tattoos,” one user lightheartedly commented. To which original poster zenithopus replied, “Yeah, me too.”

Image: reddit/schowey

8. Pulling a Brian Griffin

Reddit’s schowey has suspicions his dog is “trying to pull a Brian Griffin” on his wife. Family Guy fans will recognize the reference to the talking dog with designs on his human best friend’s spouse. The dead eye this pooch is giving the camera certainly lends credence to the theory.

Image: reddit/lilredheadxo

7. Clingy kitty


Redditor lilredheadxo has a kitten who seems to have claimed her boyfriend. It looks like the little fluffer isn’t letting go anytime soon, and cats don’t share. Maybe her kitty will let her hold the other hand when she’s not using it.

Image: reddit/thenewyorkgod

6. It’s too late

You know you’ve lost the fight for your partner when you find them in this position with the cat. And if redditor thenewyorkgod needed further confirmation, nothing says “she’s all mine now” like a sly wink from the kitty. Ah well, you had a good run.

Image: reddit/Krypson

5. Selective cuddles


Redditor Krypson’s dog Gracie has clearly picked out her favorite half of the relationship. Apparently, she shamelessly reserves her snuggles just for the original poster’s girlfriend. Furthermore, it looks like the feeling’s mutual; there’s no getting between that power couple.

Image: reddit/jonesy1713

4. One of many

It’s easy enough to write off one incriminating photo of your pet cosying up to your girlfriend. However, when you have a whole album of similar pictures, like reddit’s jonesy1713 does, excuses won’t cut it. Sorry, but it appears that your girlfriend has made her choice.

Image: reddit/HellaClassy

3. HellaClassy boyfriend thief


HellaClassy also has dog issues. “[I’m] trying to enjoy my coffee and cuddles with boyfriend,” the redditor wrote. “[And the] dog starts nudging and yipping until I move. [It] immediately takes my spot and gives me this look.” The sofa it is, then.

Image: reddit/Hippielovin

2. Every morning

Reddit user Hippielovin’s cat is a frequent offender when it comes to stealing snuggle time. “This is how I find my kitten and my boyfriend every morning,” the user wrote. Judging by the cat’s smile, you’ve got serious competition there.

Image: reddit/i_love_blts

1. Ten minutes later


It’s bad enough when your pet steals your significant other. It’s even worse when they don’t even wait for the bed to cool before replacing you! Redditor i_love_blts was only gone ten minutes before coming back to this scene.